Door-to-Door Service

At OTANZ we take Data Sanitisation to the next level. Years of experience in the industry we realise one solution does not fit all and we accomodate all our client needs.

  • Data Sanitisation - Youwipe Data Erasure Software preferred partner. ADISA tested and NIST certified software for the erasure of data.

  • Data Sanitisation - White Canyon - Wipedrive and Blackbelt Data Erasure Suite.

  • Degaussing - We provide degaussing of HDDs as a solution or part of a sanitisation package. We erase HDD's through the use of high-powered magnets to wipe the electrons off the drive. This removes the data from the drive, and leaves no trace of the data it once stored.

  • Shredding - We provide on-site or off-site shredding of HDD's. The shredding process physically destroys the hard drive through industrial grade shredders ensuring the hard drive is beyond recovery.

  • Product Destruction - Excess stock, unused inventory or discontinued lines. We are happy to discuss and assist you with the destruction of stock in an environmentally friendly manner. 

Image by Markus Spiske