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Door to Door Service.

From years of experience in the industry we realise one solution does not fit all and we accommodate all our client needs.


  • Data Wiping-  We partner with Securaze to provide certified and industry leading data wiping of HDD and SSDs.

  • Degaussing - We provide HDD degaussing as a solution or part of a wiping package. We erase HDD's through the use of high-powered magnets to wipe the electrons off the drive. This removes the data from the drive, and leaves no trace of the data it once stored.

  • Shredding - We provide on-site or off-site shredding of HDD's. The shredding process physically destroys the hard drive through industrial grade shredders ensuring the hard drive is beyond recovery.

  • Product Destruction - Excess stock, unused inventory or discontinued lines. We are happy to discuss and assist you with the destruction of stock in an environmentally friendly manner. 

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